Brightness Control For Windows

Override default brightness settings to be more comfortable to you, and not according to power plans and power saving settings.




  • Keep brightness when switching power plans.
  • Keep brightness when switching from AC to DC or vice-versa.
  • Control brightness on windows server 2008, 2008 r2, 2012.
  • Power of the monitor with a single click, and optionally lock the screen and send the user to the login screen.
  • Allow to fine tune the brightness, and display accurate brightness values and percentage.
  • Display brightness percentage in tray (optional).
  • Does not require administrator privileges to run or to install.
  • Does not touch any system files or registry setting – can be uninstalled by deleting the .exe file and the setting file
    (only modifies the registry of the current user if the option to auto start on system start-up is selected).
  • Get notified of application updates and bug fixes (optional).


This is a tool that allows you to control the brightness more precisely, and stops the computer from auto changing the brightness whenever the power plan changes or you convert between AC and DC, this will allow you to control your brightness manually based on your environment, without worrying about the automatic brightness change due to windows power plans.

This tool also allows you to modify the brightness on the server versions of windows, where windows by default doesn’t allow managing it easily.

This tools allows you to power of the monitor anytime, and without waiting for idle timeout, and allow you to optionally lock the screen at the same time.


  1. OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008, Windows server 2008 r2, Windows server 2012.
  2. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (Web Installer), alternate link: (Standalone Installer).
  3. Internet Connection is required to receive notifications of new updates.
  4. RAM: 40 MB free, Processor: a modern CPU running at 1ghz, faster CPU is recommended.

Note: I have not tested this tool on all listed operating systems, however, the documentation for the used code is saying that those OSes are supported, I only tested on Windows 7 and 8, Please feel free to share your experience.

Screen Shots:

bc-ss3 bc-ss1 bc-ss4


Please post any feature request or bug report in the comments below, and it will be considered as soon as possible.

Change Log
Version: 1.4 (1.4.15130.456) – May 10, 2015
– Modified License and License system
– Does not require administrator to set startup entry in registery, since now uses current local user only.

Version: 1.2 (1.2.13209.1318) – July 28, 2013
– Fixed a bug with starting with system startup
– Modified License key system
– Modified EULA

Version: 1.1 (1.1.13185.1500) – July 04, 2013
– Fix behavior when clicking: PageUp / Up / PageDown / Down
– Modified License
– Other minor fixes/modifications

Version: 1.0 (1.0.13081.36) – March 22, 2013
– Initial release

Older Versions
View upgrade instructions from older versions
There are 2 methods of upgrading:

Method 1:
Run the new .exe, and it will guide you through the needed steps to replace the old .exe with the new version.

Method 2: (alternative method)
1. Close any running instance of brightness control, you can check for any process named “BrightnessControl.exe” in task-manager and end it.
2. Goto the folder C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\BrightnessControl
3. Delete the old BrightnessControl.exe and replace it with new downloaded one.
4. Double click on the new copied .exe to run it.

6 thoughts on “Brightness Control For Windows”

  1. Just some feedback on your awesome software:

    – The slider would rather be vertical (volume style)

    – Arrow up reduces the brightness, which sounds strange to me

    – Shortcuts for brightness control would be great (1%, 5% and 10% steps)
    For example ALT+arrow, CTRL+arrow, SHIFT+arrow.

    – Same for monitor turn off.

    – An option to turn off the monitor by placing the cursor in the lower left corner would be cool too (Mac style).

    Thanks a million so far


    1. I have fixed the problem in version 1.1:

      Arrow up reduces the brightness, which sounds strange to me

      Thanks for the suggestions, they will be considered in the next versions.

  2. 1. I appreciate to turn off the screen with BrightnessControl, but I don’t like that its slider shows up when I move the mouse to turn the screen back on.

    2. When playing a movie with VLC (full screen), BrightnessControl pops up every 10 minutes or so

    1. Next versions should have better managment of how often the BrightnessControl pop up on the screen.

      But for now, there is a good chance you can make it not pop up by finding if there is any other 3rd party tool that is trying to modify the brightness after 10 minutes.

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