Tools for debugging JavaScript in your browser

If you want to work on Javascript, you will find it very helpful to go through the code and set breakpoints and do more debugging stuff, fortunetly, there are tools in browsers to help with that.

Which tool you will user, depends on which browser you want to debug depends on your browser:

Firefox, you have 2 choices:

You can use built in developer tools, which can be accessed via the:
Menu > Developer > Debugger
and you can also right click on any element in your web page to inspect it.

Another option for firefox is FireBug, which is a very useful add-on, after installing it you will find it either on the top bar as an icon, or you can:
click “alt” > then the old menu will appear, and you will find firebug under
View > Firebug
you can also click anywhere in the webpage and select ‘Inspect Element with Firebug’


Menu > Tools > Developer tools
Menu > Tools > Javascript Console

Internet Explorer:

Just click ‘F12’
Tools > F12 Developer tools

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