Windows 10, Forced updates and Privacy issues

I have used all windows version since 3.1 to 8.1, I had no major problems with any of them except Windows ME, and a little bit of dislike towards ‘8’, but still used ‘8’ as my main OS, so my negative review windows 10 has nothing to do with not liking change as others might suggest.

I have tested briefly Windows 10 editions Enterprise and Enterprise LTSB 2015, neither seemed to have a kill switch to have control over either updates or privacy issues, both need some tinkering.

* The positives.

There are many things to like in windows 10, specially when compared to windows 8, and that my need their own review, over all, remove that updates and privacy issues and it is a pretty descent OS.

* Automatic updates.

There is a work around to not have updates install automatically, you can set all your network connections as ‘metered’, and then use the MS updates external tool to choose which updates to skip.

* Privacy.

MS have integrated privacy issues in many services, and disabling them all might cause some features in the OS to work unreliably or to not work.

Worse, using automated updates they could install new ‘features’ that could also result in more privacy issues, which is covered by the license agreement so you can’t complain.

There are many online posts suggesting ways to control some of the privacy issues by blocking windows from connecting to MS or closing services that collects data, but the result of that is unpredictable, since the OS is still recently released, nothing is full-proof, and some of those guides may cause more harm than good.

* Finally.

Because of the above points, you can not trust MS Windows any more, you do not know who will have access to your most important personal and financial data, and even if you trust them now, you do not know who will get access to that information at later point in the future, maybe even without MS directly giving out that info, just using a security vulnerability now or from a future feature update.

if you find yourself with a new laptop with windows 10, try to see if it have downgrade rights to 8.1 or 7, if not, put your important stuff in a vmware or vbox (vmware player is free)

if you need windows 10 for something specific like some of its new features, put it in a vmware or vbox.

This review is based on build 10240 of windows 10.