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svchost.exe is using too much CPU and RAM in Win 7

This happens because of Windows Update in Windows 7 (or Windows Server 2008 R2), Microsoft have released an update to fix this issue.

Other symptoms of this issue is that windows update seems to be stuck, or unable to search for new updates.

You can download the fix from here:


Important note 1: Some people have reported that this fix released by Microsoft does not fix the issue completely, and the only solution is to disable windows updates and leave it disabled (how to disable windows updates is posted at the bottom of this post), however, this could potentially lead to security issues and is not recommended unless you what you are doing.

Important note 2: if while installing the fix from the link above you get stuck at ‘searching for updates on your computer‘ or a similar message, you may need to disable updates temporarily first.

To disable windows updates, go to Control Panel, select Windows Update, from the left, select change settings, from the drop down box select “Never check for updates”, and then restart the computer for this new change to take effect.

After disabling windows updates and applying the fix, it is recommended to re-enable it again.

Windows 10, Forced updates and Privacy issues

I have used all windows version since 3.1 to 8.1, I had no major problems with any of them except Windows ME, and a little bit of dislike towards ‘8’, but still used ‘8’ as my main OS, so my negative review windows 10 has nothing to do with not liking change as others might suggest.

I have tested briefly Windows 10 editions Enterprise and Enterprise LTSB 2015, neither seemed to have a kill switch to have control over either updates or privacy issues, both need some tinkering.

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